American Airlines Letter for ATS World Wide LLC


ATS World Wide LLC is the brainchild of Polish businessman, Stan Malicki, and a hand-selected group of engineers. Malicki works with former Oklahoma Department of Commerce Director of Aerospace and Defense Vince Howie. Howie is a part-owner and the CEO/Vice President of ATS World Wide LLC. ATS World Wide LLC was incorporated in both Oklahoma and internationally in 2016. The same year, ATS World Wide LLC, implemented a contract with the Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center for the research, design and development of an ATS prototype. ATS features an underground channel rail transportation system that will allow an aircraft’s jet engines to be turned off and aircraft moved to and from an airport’s taxiways and gates.

ATS’ Potential Benefits

1. Improved safety

2. Fuel savings

3. Reduction in airport accidents

4. Decreased emissions

5. Increased airport efficiency

6. Increased jet engine life

7. Time management improvements

8. Reduction in noise

More about ATS World Wide LLC’s business relationship with OSU’s New Product Development Center

For more information on business matters, please call (1) 405-694-9861

For media relations inquiries, please call (1) 405-514-3972

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