Aircraft Towing Systems’ Prototype Testing Scheduled for Early Spring

By Kevan Goff-Parker, ATS World Wide LLC Communications Director

ATS will test and transport a used 727 jet that the company purchased last winter to test the ATS system in spring.
ATS World Wide LLC is constructing its underground pull-car and above-ground towing system prototype and will soon dig its underground-rail channel. ATS will test and transport a used 727 jet that the company purchased last winter to test the ATS system in spring. Photo collage by Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC.

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC is leading its contractors in the creation of the first ATS system prototype now undergoing various stages of development and construction with the goal to begin prototype testing next spring. The ATS system is designed to transport an airport’s aircraft to and from runways, ramps and gates without the use of a jet’s main engines.

The photos above display an early artist’s rendering of the prototype and some of the steel cover plates, I-beams and cantilevers, plus some reinforcing rebar that will be installed to support the underground-concrete channel. It will be located under select ramp areas at the Ardmore Industrial Airpark in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Citadel Construction LLC President Michael Shoemaker will begin and manage construction of the channel in the coming weeks. Once complete, the channel will be used to demonstrate how an ATS electric-powered “pull car,” equipped with an above-ground tow dolly, moves aircraft to and from airport locations using the channel’s underground-rail system.

ATS CEO/Vice President Vince Howie orchestrates the day-to-day operations of ATS while consulting with Polish ATS inventor and company President Stan Malicki. ATS consultants also include Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center, Data3, Jviation Inc., Aberdeen Dynamics, Production Machine and Tool (PMT), Poclain Hydraulics and Alan Kirkpatrick, a consulting mechanical design engineer.

Howie said creating a prototype is a “learn as you go” process and there have been design and other changes made, but he’s pleased with ATS’ overall progress.

“Everything is going great,” Howie said. “We’re constructing the pull car and it will transport the used 727 jet we purchased last winter to help us test our prototype.”

Anticipated benefits from ATS include improved safety, fuel savings, a reduction in airport accidents, decreased emissions, as well as increased airport efficiency, a longer jet-engine life, time-management improvements and a reduction in noise.

For more information, contact ATS World Wide LLC Vice President/CEO Vince Howie at (1) 405-694-9861 or ATS Director of Corporate Communications Kevan Goff-Parker at (1) 405-514-3972. Website:

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